Paper Chemicals

De-inking Aid:

PARAWASH DI is a deinking aid which provides a high detergency effect on recycle paper for removal of non-fiber constituents from the waste-stock. PARAWASH DI provides:


excellent pulp brightness 

minimum residual values 

low speck and spot counts

efficient for all types of waste paper

PARAWASH DI is available in two grades: low foaming and high foaming action

Dispersing agent:

DISPERSAL DP-300 when used in the pulper improves pulping due to its high degree of penetration and dispersion action. It is specially made for writing and printing mills where waste paper is used as a raw material. When used:

Improves Pulping process due to its high penetration and dispersing properties

Increase in brightness and reduction of spots and specks

Reduces pulping time and save energy


Retention and Drainage Aid:

PARAFLOC-AP is a copolymer which extensive use in paper and pulp industries as retention and drainage aid. It provide special advantages when the pulp quality is poor. This product is effective in wide range of pH. When used:

Provides better drainage, faster drying, increase machine speed, thus reduces steam consumption results better production

Decrease in white water solids, improves mill effluent system


Polyelectrolytes for Paper Industry:

PARAFLOC-BW can be most effectively utilized for fiber recovery from Kraft type save-alls by the floatation method. When used:

Improves clarity of the overflow

Results in better recovery of solids

Improves the capacity of the equipment


Modified Synthetic Binder:.

Size Press Application:

MBA-SP is used as a surface sizing agent for paper and board mills. It is usually applied in size press in combination with starch, dyes, fluorescent brightener and other anionic and nonionic substances. When used:

Improves glaze, rattling, dimensional stability and enhances sizing effect

Increase in smoothness of paper

Improves surface properties like wax pick, printability, varnishability, etc

Improves bonding stiffness in boards


Paper Binder for Strength, Stiffness and Smoothness:

MBA is a modified dual polymer used extensively as binder in paper industry. It retains and binds fibers and fillers during sheet formation and hence improves machine runnability. When used:

Improves glaze, rattling, dimensional stability and machine runnability

Reduces fluff formation

Improves paper strength i.e breaking length and tear factor, hence machine speed can be increased

Improves smoothness, stiffness and folding endurance

Can be used in acidic and alkaline sizing

MBA is available in different grades: 902/110/173

Dry Strength resin for Kraft Mills:

MBA-K is a modified polymer specially made for increasing and stabilizing burst factor of paper in Kraft Mills. It retains and binds fibers and fillers, hence result in better formation. It can be used along with starch and gum. When used:

Increases Burst Factor ( 2-3 minimum)

Improves rattling and folding endurance

Improves runnability

Replaces starch and gum

Cure completely during drying

MBA-K is available in different grades: MBA-K110/173

ANTIFOAM DK-100 is a high quality defoamer which effectively inhibits foaming in ETP of paper manufacturing. 

Slashing Aid:

SLASHING AID PA 300 is a polymeric softner which when added as an additive in pulper improves slashing of waste paper with lesser time and energy. It also reduces unused material and rejects in the system. When added in refiner improves refining of pulp and desired freenes level can be achieved in lesser time with better formation of paper.


Paper coating chemicals:

MBA-CP is a high quality synthetic acrylic copolymer specially made for cromo, arts, cast coated papers and duplex board. When used:

Provides superior wet and dry pick resistance

Imparts high degree of gloss under super calendar condition

Reduces dusting on offset presses

Provides excellent heat, light and mechanical stability

Provides harness with enough flexibility to withstand the normal scoring operation of coated boxboard

Provides very good glerability

MBA-CP is available in two grades: MBA-CP and MBA-CPG

Acrylic Dispersal:

Alkaline Thickener:

Insolubilizer / Curing agent:

Wax Emulsion:



Waster-Water Treatment Chemicals

Polyelectrolytes for ETP:

PARAFLOC are water soluble polyelectrolytes, have been formulated to exhibit exceptional flocculating properties and can be most effectively used to increase the efficiency of settling, clarification, filtration and centrifugation. PARALOC greatly complement the action of primary inorganic coagulants and excellent clarification can be achieved.

Defoamer/Antifoam aid:

ANTIFOAM DK-1 is a high quality defoamer which can effectively prevent and inhibit foaming in manufacturing or ETP process.


Other Products

Paper to Tin adhesive:

SR Adhesive:

Lamination Gum:

Fiber Sheet Adhesive:




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